Over 10 Million Served

KATZEN-designed ethanol plants are not only producing high-quality ethanol (of every grade), but are also producing high-protein, high-quality animal feed coproducts. Some of these plants are collocated with cattle-feedlots and feed their cattle a wet distiller’s grain (WDG) coproduct directly from the ethanol plant. KATZEN’s process design from milling, mashing, fermentation through to distillation and stillage handling enables consistent operations. Consistent operations, in turn, enable the ethanol plants which are collocated with cattle feedlots to provide a consistent high-quality daily ration to the cattle, which is vital to their nutrition and health. Additionally, the sustainability of the ethanol plant is enhanced by the elimination of natural gas usage and drying costs associated with drying cattle feed.

Other KATZEN-designed plants combine the wet distiller’s grain with high protein syrup produced by the plant and dry it, producing distiller’s dried grain with solubles (DDGS) for easy transport. Many of our recently-designed plants (over the last 10 years) are able to produce WDG or DDGS which is free of antibiotics due to KATZEN’s unique clean-in-place systems and bio-focused piping, equipment and process designs. Our plants have served over 10 million head of cattle with their high-protein, high-quality animal feeds, and the count is continually increasing.

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