Dr. John E. Murtagh Legacy

KATZEN International, Inc. had a long, productive relationship with John E. Murtagh, PhD up until his death in 2003. His legacy continues in KATZEN through the work that we do for our client companies.

Dr. Murtagh was an independent consultant in alcohol production with extensive experience in many countries around the world. He was retained by various clients in Europe, Asia, North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, and Australasia in the beverage, industrial, and fuel alcohol industries. His consultancy assignments included solving fermentation and distillation problems; correcting equipment design faults; production plant feasibility studies and market surveys; project development; staff training and plant commissioning; performance testing; plant appraisals; serving as expert witness and litigation consultant; and assisting in product marketing.

John began his career with the House of Seagram managing whisky, rum and industrial alcohol distilleries. He then established his independent consultancy practice in which he covered many more facets of alcohol production. Dr. Murtagh became acknowledged internationally as an expert in the field.

KATZEN and Dr. Murtagh worked together on many projects with many clients. His expertise has been absorbed into KATZEN and is an important part of our company's technical skills.